Rebecca Schutze

Director of Marketing and Communications

Rebecca joined in 2012 as an NQT Media Teacher at CTK St Mary’s. In 2013 she was promoted to Head of Hall and completed the CTK Leadership programme, a unique year long course for current and potential leaders. This included undertaking a detailed research project into pastoral interventions for students. After completing the leadership programme, Rebecca was promoted in 2014 to Director of Curriculum. In 2018 Rebecca started a new role, Director of Media and Communications, responsible for the marketing, press and communications for Christ the King Sixth Forms.

Rebecca says …

“As a former CTK student myself, my CTK A Level teachers inspired me to want to teach one day. CTK is a fantastic place to work, hard work and dedication are both noticed and rewarded. Internal promotion is encouraged and due to there being three sixth forms, there are so many career opportunities. Previously to CTK, I worked in TV for 10 years and like other CTK staff who have made career changes, I have found that my previous skills and experience have been welcomed and recognised. I am passionate about outcomes for students and enjoy working in an environment where we focus on the development of the whole student, and are helping young people reach their full potential”.

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