A Talk From Frontier

Applied Science students at CTK St Mary’s where delighted to hear a talk recently by Laurie and Anesilina from ‘Frontier.’ 

‘Frontier’ are an organisation which supports a great number of environmental conservation efforts. They work all over the world in exotic locations such as Costa Rica, Madagascar, Belize, Fiji, Tenerife and many others and they explained how our students can become involved with their valuable efforts. 

Laurie and Anesilina also explained how ‘Frontier’ go beyond conservation and research. Teaching & Community Development, Journalism & Media and Medical & Healthcare are all a part of Frontier’s global work and it is designed to ensure that their work and the work of their volunteers is ever lasting.

 A number of students expressed a strong interest in becoming involved with ‘Frontier’ and we hope they get the chance to support ‘Frontiers’ valuable mission.

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