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Christ the King Sixth Form students are always happy to share how they are helped to set ambitious goals and apply to the best universities. Below some of our BTEC and A-Level students past and present share their experience and advice.

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“My lecturers have shown me great support. They’re really supportive and passionate about the subjects they teach and have helped me a lot while preparing for my exams. My future goal is to study Architecture at the University of Bath and become a practising architect.

There’s a diverse mix of students which makes meeting new people very exciting. It’s a really relaxing environment which will allow you to maximise your potential and do your best in all the subjects you choose.”


A-Levels: Art, English Literature, Mathematics

“CTK has a welcoming atmosphere, friendly people and offers many opportunities to enrich your learning and overall experience.”


A Levels: Sociology, French and English Language and Literature

“The best things about Christ The King are the teachers and the people within it. There is a sense of unity and relatability amongst all of the students. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. I Hope to go to the University of Lincoln and study Biomedical Science, which as always been my aspiration because I enjoy lab work and some of the greatest innovations and discoveries were born in a laboratory. I hope to discover new and intriguing things, no matter the time or day, the teachers always give their all into the teaching, marking and supporting you emotionally.”


A-Levels: Biology, English Language, Literature and Law

“My teachers at CTK help me realise my potential and aim higher, they always make me feel included. I found it easy to settle into CTK and make friends. I have met some great people who help build me up. I’ve been on some great trips. I’m looking at which university to apply to and I’m interested in Keele University.”


A Levels: Sociology, Maths, Music Technology and Pre-U

“I have really enjoyed my course and I have also enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. I hope to go to university to study Midwifery. My teachers have supported me by teaching me to the best of their ability, so that I was able to succeed. I would recommend CTK because there are a wide range of courses on offer and it’s a friendly environment to study in.”


BTEC: Health and Social Care

“I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and studying my courses. My teachers always give us feedback to help us improve our grades. I would recommend CTK as it has a lot of resources. “


A Levels: History, Geography and Graphics

“I have enjoyed the company of my fellow students and the support and friendly nature of my teachers throughout my time at CTK.My teachers have been incredibly helpful and supportive during my time here at CTK. They have given me the opportunity to learn and improve my knowledge. They are always approachable, allowing me and other students to come to them with any questions we have. I believe that my teachers have helped me achieve the best of my ability during my time here. Listen to and respect your teachers. Take advantage of the help and support they provide you with because they are there to give you all the opportunities to achieve and exceed your desired grades.”


BTEC: Sport and Exercise Science D*D*D*

STUDYING PE AT THE University OF Birmingham

“I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and taking part in Duke of Edinburgh. My tutors and teachers have supported me by advising me on my career path – my next step is to study Law at University. I would recommend students go to CTK because the teachers are very supportive and they offer a range of activities.”


BTEC: Business

“My perspective of what my future could look like has broadened with my participation in CTK various events. In particular I found it most effective to meet with past alumni and partake in networking events that provided me with advice about a range of career pathways. One meeting I will never forget is the evening I met with alumni who were or had attended Oxford, as it rejuvenated my determination. My teachers are always ready to give me feedback, whether it be on set classwork or extra exam practice. I have found that having continual access to my teachers outside of class, has enhanced my understanding of, and approach to, all my subjects. I would say that, the environment in which you learn is just as important as what you learn, and for that very reason I recommend CTK.”


A Levels: English Literature, Media Studies, and Sociology

“What I enjoyed most about my time at CTK was meeting new people from different backgrounds and sharing a desire to achieve well in our exams. The sixth form helped me stay motivated and made me realise my potential by being put on the Advanced Graduate Programme. I got into the University of Sheffield to study Law. I can’t praise my Law teacher enough. He constantly encouraged me to work to the best of my ability and always provided feedback and tips on how to push my grade up.

The college not only helped me achieve the grades through the support I received but it also provided me with the motivation and confidence to work to the best of my ability and made me realise my potential.”

Ella Mae

A LevelS: Law A,
Psychology A,
Sociology B,
Extended Project A

“I’m going to Aston University to study Biomedical Science, after achieving ACC in PE, Biology and Chemistry. I want to work in Cancer Research in the future. I would recommend CTK because it has a good educational environment – the quality of teaching is high and the support system is amazing. I enjoyed meeting new people, making new friendship groups and singing in the gospel choir. CTK has really helped me by encouraging me and helping me realise my full potential.”


A LevelS: Biology, Chemistry and PE

“I have really enjoyed my course trips. Also, knowing that everyone else is starting Sixth Form at the same time as you, makes meeting new people and fitting in a lot easier and fun. My teachers have helped me overcome my fear of interacting during class discussions. They encouraged me to participate by giving presentations to the whole class, which boosted my confidence. Teachers will motivate you to achieve the best of your ability.”


A LevelS: Media, English Literature and Language and French

“Although studying A Levels can be challenging, my teachers make my lessons enjoyable and easier to understand. The teachers at CTK are really friendly and are more than happy to help. I hope to go on to study Physiotherapy at University.”


A LevelS: Biology, Chemistry and PE

“I loved the balance between my studies and extra-curricular activities. I was also part of a ‘gifted and talented’ tutor group which provided numerous opportunities for personal development such as the ‘Generating Genius’ programme by Dr Tony Sewell. I had an all-rounded experience which definitely helped me to grow academically and also aided my personal development in a supportive environment. I went on to gain a first class BSC Psychology from University of Leicester. I’m not the Founder & Creative Director of a social enterprise called Inside Out UK, which provides mental health education for your people using creativity.”


A LevelS: Economics, Religious Studies AND Biology

“I’m aiming to study Computer Science at the University of Sheffield. At CTK all students are equally as motivated to do well, it’s a good environment to be in. Teachers really try their hardest to make sure that their students achieve what they are capable of and ensure you get the best grades possible.”


A LevelS: History, Spanish, Maths

“At CTK I really enjoy the trips relating to work experience and university, the mentoring we get is amazing. My teachers motivate me to work harder and they have been really supportive with helping make my university choices and offer career guidance. I would recommend CTK as you will receive a lot of support from teachers to succeed.”


A Levels: Maths, Economics and English Literature

“I’m going to St Mary’s University, Twickenham to study Sport Science. My BTEC course was unique. The pastoral support at CTK was excellent and the extra support from teachers helped me stay on track. I would recommend CTK because of the support that staff give students.”


BTEC: Sport and Exercise Science

“I have enjoyed participating in school events such as Charity and Inter Hall Day, and making a positive change to the school by achieving the roles of Tutor Representative, Student Head of Hall and Vice President. I have attended regular meetings with teachers and other representatives, helping me grow as a person and learn new things. In A Level Photography, I have really enjoyed course trips such as London Zoo, Tate Modern and Margate and captured lots of photos for my portfolio.

As a fast track student, I have been given the opportunity to do work experience with the Ministry of Justice in the summer and I’m looking forward to it.
After visiting a number of universities, I decided that De Montfort University was the best choice for me and my course. I have received an Unconditional Offer to study Media Production there from September 2019.

I would recommend Christ the King to everyone. They show support for all their students. Christ the King helped me to restore my faith, believe in myself and guide me back onto my path to achieve my goal. Their ethos was recognised by Ofsted, who said: ‘The College fosters a spirit of generosity and love.’ Future students will definitely feel this when they attend.”


A LevelS: Media B, Photography A, English Language and Literature C

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