First Party Cookies set by this website

auth_userRecords when a user has logged in to the website (e.g. protected pages that require a user login).End of session
cms_userIdentifies a session that should not retrieve pages from cache (e.g. when a user is logged in to the CMS).End of session
highvisRecords if the user has switched to high visibility mode.End of session
PHPSESSIDDefault identifier that PHP uses for Cookies which are generated during a session.End of session
popup_seen_todayIndicates whether pop-up announcements have been viewed or notAt midnight

Third Party Cookies

These are Cookies set by other suppliers which we may be using to enhance our site and which are controlled by them. The following section details third party Cookies you might encounter through this site. For more information on these Cookies or to opt-out of third parties collecting any data regarding your interaction on our website, please refer to their websites for further information.

Google Analytics

Like many websites, we use Google Analytics to collect information about visitor behaviour, such as the number of visitors to the various parts of our website. We do this to compile reports that help us improve our site. Google Analytics stores information about what pages you visit, how long you are on the site, how you got here, what documents you download and what you click on. This analytics data is not tied to personally identifiable information (e.g. your name or address) so this information cannot be used to identify who you are.

Below is a description of the Google Analytics Cookies we may use on this site and what they are used for:

_utm.gifLogs details about visitor’s browser and computerEnd of session
_utmaUsed to distinguish users and sessions2 years
_utmbUsed to determine new sessions/visits30 mins
_utmcUsed to determine the duration of a visitEnd of session
_utmvUse to determine visitor behaviour during a sessionEnd of session
_utmzStores the traffic source that explains how the user reached the site6 months
_utmtUsed to throttle request rate10 minutes
_utmt_masterTrackerUpdates the total number of page visits in anonymous formEnd of session
_gaUsed to distinguish users2 years
_gidUsed to distinguish users
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