Catholic Life


Our College mission and ethos is fully supported through the work of our Chaplaincy. The Chaplaincy team celebrates with students from all faiths and none in times of joy, or advises them in times of difficulty. The Chaplaincy aims to foster and develop the spiritual life of the individual and of the sixth form, based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

We have well-resourced Chaplaincy areas at each of our sixth forms. Reaching out to all members of the sixth form community, they support individuals in their day-today life and in their journey of faith.

The spacious and comfortable Chaplaincy rooms are a hub for social activity, with beautiful adjoining Chapels for prayer and worship. The Chaplaincy room is open to all – students just drop-in to relax, meet with friends or participate in an organised activity. The Chapel is a place for quiet space to reflect and pray. Mass is celebrated in the Chapel weekly and on Holy Days throughout the year.

Students don’t have to be religious to get involved. The Chapels afford an opportunity for students of any faith or none to find some peace and space for reflection.

The Chaplaincy team meets weekly with tutor Chaplaincy representatives to discuss issues, plan events, and contribute to College Liturgies. They receive support, training and experience retreat opportunities. This role helps student to grow in confidence, develop leadership skills and to make a difference.

Our students say:

“The chaplain is someone who anybody can talk to regardless of your faith. They can be there as a listener if you just need to talk and they will never judge.”

“The Chaplaincy is a calm place where all students can go to clear their minds and discuss anything that is bothering them; they are always able to get an answer.”

“It also is a good place for people to meet and have fellowship for God and each other.”

Religious Education

Students are invited by our motto to grow and flourish in every way. Religious education is a core element of our curriculum through which we encourage students to consider how they might live a life in all its fullness. It is delivered through three programmes, each of which provides an opportunity to reflect on a wide range of issues including relationships, justice, science and religion and faith traditions. In partnership with the College Chaplaincy, celebrations and reflections are also delivered for students to mark significant times in the Christian calendar.

The 10:10 RE and Ethics programme contributes to the development of the whole person, with a specific focus on the themes of Faith, Hope and Charity. As part of the programme, students reflect on the wider spiritual and moral issues they face as they become young adults and are encouraged to be ready to contribute to the common good.

The Thought for the Week and Tutorial programme builds community through the themes of Personal and Social Responsibility and Planning for the Future.

These themes provide opportunities to reflect on Catholic social teaching, ways to promote the common good. Thought for the Week is a prayer that is designed to provide a point for reflection as well as educating in terms of gospel themes.

The core RE programme teaches students how to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to think spiritually, ethically and theologically. It is a formal qualification which is assessed through portfolio work. It helps students to develop and be able to articulate their own faith positions and to reflect critically on the ultimate questions of life. It enables student to explore and respect different faith traditions within contemporary society and develop the skills required to engage in critical examination of and reflect upon religious belief and practice in our culture.

Collective Worship

The daily pattern of prayer at each site is an important part of Sixth Form morning routine and ensures as part of the 10:10 Programme that all staff and students take part in daily prayer and reflection, embedding the rhythms of the prayer life of the Church. In many classes’ students lead this worship ship particularly well. Scripture continues to be at the heart of collective acts of worship and across daily prayers, weekly masses, thoughts for the week and whole college liturgies. The breadth and richness of the Catholic tradition was evident throughout whilst taking account of the capacity of students and staff who are different stages in their faith journey The Chaplaincy team continue to have a high profile speaking at weekly briefings, Hall meetings and staff meetings, supporting induction, community days, open evenings, parents’ evenings, ethos, and community days. The team also continue to play an active role in school and community partnerships.  

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