Mercy Adegboyega

Teacher of Health & Social Care and Head of Hall

Mercy joined Christ the King Sixth Forms in 2019 as an NQT Teacher of Health and Social Care. She was then promoted to Head of Hall in 2023.

Mercy says…

“I joined CTK Aquinas in 2019 as a NQT of Health and Social Care. I later moved to CTK St Mary’s in 2020.
Working in the CTK community has been enjoyable and educative, this has given me the opportunity to learn new things by working with a range of experienced teachers. Through this I have been able to flourish and develop as a professional and also develop good practice .
  The professional development in addition to “our professional network meetings” has enhanced my pedagogical skills.   
Pastoral care is something I have been passionate about and through the mentorship of Senior leaders and experienced colleagues I have secured a promotion as Head of Hall.”

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