Go Ape Visit

The aims of the Jack Petchey are twofold. It aims to both inspire and challenge young people to achieve what they can be.

Normally this takes place before the award is won, but it doesn’t mean that these are not relevant aims even afterwards. So was the case when one Jack Petchey award winner decided that she would take a group of fellow students to Go Ape Battersea, the treetop adventure course.

Zhanae Payne, who was nominated for the hard work she put into the Chaplaincy Team, decided that the experience would be a beneficial one. The group of students, who were all eager to attend travelled down on Wednesday 15th May after college. It was a fantastic experience. Three courses looped around the trees at Battersea Park, each more challenging, consisting of ropes, bridges and ziplines.   Those who were afraid of heights all managed to overcome their fears and by the end everyone was confidently stepping around the course. It was a truly memorable experience, and brought the group closer, as they supported and encouraged each other around the course.

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