Huge Victory for Football Team

CTK Beats Harris Academy Beckenham 8-0

The football team played fantastically this game; managing to beat Harris Academy Beckenham 8-0 before the final whistle blew.

After the game, we got to speak to Tadiwa Nago for his thoughts on how the game went.

How do you think the game went today?

“The game went very well, we played together as a team [and] managed to get a lot of goals which helps with our goal difference and pushes us up the table in the league.”

What do you love about studying at CTK and playing in the football team?

“Studying at CTK you have a lot of friends around you and we can use that to our advantage on the pitch to build a bond. It shows on the pitch considering the score line, which I believe was 8-0, because of how well we played as a team.”

What do you hope for next week’s game?

“I hope for next week’s game to have a lot of goals, more goals than today! We need to show the same leadership, the same drive and the same motivation and we will continue to win games.”

The result today shows great promise for the CTK football team and we sincerely hope that they continue their winning streak!

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