Meet our new Student Heads of Hall

Introducing the eight new faces of the College Halls

We are delighted to have appointed our Student Heads of Hall. They play such an important role in supporting their fellow colleagues from their given Hall. When students join CTK they become members of a Hall, which helps them settle quickly into CTK life.  

In the order that they appear (right), please meet: 

Canterbury Hall

Student Head of Hall- Shanaya Reynolds

Deputy student Head of Hall – Isis Osei-Kusi

Walsingham Hall

Student Head of Hall – Adeola Ojora

Deputy Student Head of Hall – Damar Brown

York Hall

Student Head of Hall – Debby Phillip-Akintunde

Deputy Student Head of Hall – Rodney Agyemang

Durham Hall

Student Head of Hall – Aliyah Akinola

Deputy Student Head of Hall – Izundu Ariri

The Student Head of Halls are leadership roles where students help support and promote different activities and events both internally and externally. This includes presentations to students, representing their colleagues at Local Board meetings and leading Social Action projects.

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