MET Police Summer School

This summer some students from CTK St Mary’s had the exciting opportunity to take part in the MET Police summer school. The summer school was held for those who are interested in uniformed/police jobs as a future career. The students were invited to partake in an insight week; visiting different areas of the MET and having a taste of what it would be like to work in it.

Saffron from CTK St Mary’s said this about her experience:

Day 1 – Fitness myth busting

Day one consisted of us in sportswear, and looking at what it takes to be a police officer. We undertook the bleep test, whereby to be a PC you must achieve level 5:4 minimum (and learned that more specialist roles are required to achieve much higher levels). We also practiced self-defence tactics such as releasing yourself from a grip, punching, elbowing and kneeing someone to defend yourself in a dangerous situation – as well as being educated on red, amber and green parts of a body correlating to low/high risk places to hit. The rest of the day we were taught about stop and search; the pros and cons to it, as well as being able to enact a stop and search in pairs.

Day 2 – CID and Detective

On Tuesday we spent time with two sergeant detectives specialising in serious crime such as rape, murder and child abuse. We learned the difficulty of the job but also how rewarding it is to have a positive impact in someone’s life, for example giving a family justice or being a system of support for someone grieving. We had a go at putting on forensic overalls with gloves and investigated a mock crime scene. We also tried sampling DNA on each other in pairs. Lastly, we retouched on stop and search and went through the decision-making process of deciding whether or not to search someone and why, including the legal aspect of needing a good reason for your suspicion.

Day 3 – Specialist units (horse/dogs/marine)

On Wednesday we had a busy day. We took a trip to visit the stables and saw the police horses. We had an insight into the requirements and specialties of each horse, in addition, the uniform that both the horse and the officer need to wear- especially if it is a public order event. We also got to meet Raven, a police dog and gave her some strokes (as well as cheekily hiding something and making her find it). Thirdly, we looked at the marine unit where we visited the, what is now a museum, which was the oldest functioning police station, and then suited up in life jackets to get onto a police boat. We learned about the daily encounters the marine unit deal with, and the training required to do the job. We also had a challenge of picking up Fred, who was a life-sized dummy imitating the weight of an average person- wet. (When pulling someone out of water they will be heavier than usual, so Fred is used as practice). Lastly, we looked at the on-sea morgue where they keep bodies when unfortunately they find someone (there were none when we were there!).

Day 4– Gravesend

On day 4, we Visited the training village which mimicked a real town with houses, shops, football stadiums and train stations. The village is used by officers and specialist teams for example firearms and TSG (territorial support group) who are trained in public order and riots. Here, we got to try on their uniform which they estimated – all in all – to be an additional 2 stone in weight on you, as well as have a look inside their van. We witnessed petrol bomb training as well as rapid entry methods, which was probably my favourite part since I had the opportunity to smash down a door!

Day 5 – Ceremony

On the last day, friends and family were invited to an appreciation and celebration ceremony, looking at everything we had done and achieved in the week as well as having some final talks with a counter terrorism officer, firearms and lastly recruitment, to talk over entry requirements and routes for people interested in joining the MET straight away. It was a lovely afternoon spent with everyone I had been with during the week, and we were presented with an award for our participation.

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