Practice makes perfect

St Mary’s Football Team secure yet another win!

The Football Team over at St Mary’s have been honing in on their skills recently and assessing their strategies on the pitch. As part of their analysis, the team took to the field to conduct a research project looking into the effects of pressure on players when it comes to performance and penalty kicks. The players took turns to experience both positive and negative commentary from their team mates right before they took their goal kick. They also experimented with taking kicks in silence to see how that may also affect their psyche.

It was noted that all three conditions had some sort of impact on player’s performance, with some player’s cracking under the pressure and some performing notably better with positive encouragement.

We are glad that the team are able to utilize the vast playing fields here at St Mary’s for training and research activities such as these. However, did the team’s research have any impact on their game-play?

Last week, the team travelled to North Kent College with hopes to consolidate their mid-table position. The team gave a strong performance and even had a chance to put their research to the test when it came to a penalty free-kick. The CTK striker made the most of the newly adopted techniques on minimising the pressure felt in free-kick situations managing to successfully score the 4th goal of the match giving us a 4-1 victory against our worthy opponents. The outcome of this game boosts us up to 3rd in the tables as we hope to continue our winning trend in the remaining fixtures.

Well done to the team!

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