Student accepts Oxford Offer

CTK St Mary’s student receives some great news…

We were thrilled to learn that current CTK St Mary’s learner, Tony, has just accepted his offer to study Engineering at Oxford University. Tony is an upper sixth learner who is currently studying A Level Maths, Further Maths, Art and Physics. We organised a talk with Tony to see how he’s been enjoying CTK St Mary’s and what his future plans are. 

How are you enjoying your current subjects? 

“Overall, it is challenging but the content of these subjects is very interesting, which makes the subjects themselves enjoyable!” 

What has been the most challenging thing about your studies? 

“The most challenging thing has been finding a strong work-life balance.” 

In what ways have your teachers supported you at CTK? 

“My teachers at CTK are amazing! They are always willing to talk me through difficult concepts by simplifying them and ensuring that I develop my understanding of them.” 

What are you looking forward to most at Oxford University? 

“At Oxford I hope to network with new people and also acquire more specialist skills, such as programming.” 

What are your plans after you finish further education? 

“I really aspire to be an engineer at Telsa, that would be amazing!” 

What would you say to students who wish to study at CTK in the future? 

“Always try to learn ahead of the class and make full use of the fantastic resources given to you by the great teachers.” 

Well done Tony; we hope you enjoy your course at Oxford University and have a great time. 

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