Open Day

CTK St Mary’s holds its November Open Day!

St Mary’s open day was on Saturday 13th November this year and we were joined by a massive amount of prospective students.

The student ambassadors worked tirelessly and professionally to chauffeur individual groups of prospective students around the building as they answered questions and showed our guests to the relevant subject areas. 

Staff also played a key role on the day, interacting with interested students and taking them through the subject course. Some subject ambassadors remained in their classrooms to support their teachers and give the prospective students a real feel of what it would be like to study A Levels or BTEC’s by giving them an introduction to the classroom facilities as well as showcasing their fantastic work. 

Each hour-long tour ended with a talk with the site principal Ms Camilla Crampton as well as Executive Principal Shireen Razey. During these talks, both students and parents were given an in-depth presentation on the full range of subjects and opportunities that St Mary’s has to offer. 

We were overwhelmed by the wealth of complementary and positive feedback relayed by our visitors. We would like to say thank you to all the students and staff who contributed to the success of the event and again, thank you to the delightful prospective students and parents who attended.

Lewisham Young Mayor

Student, Rachel Afrifa runs for Lewisham Young Mayor

We are delighted that upper sixth student Rachel has decided to join the campaign to become next Young Mayor of Lewisham. Rachel currently studies A Level Business, Media and Sociology and has big plans for change in her borough. We’ve been catching up with Rachel about why she wanted to get involved.

Interviewer: Rachel, what inspired you to run for Young Mayor?

Rachel: The thing that inspired me to run for Lewisham your Mayor, was growing up, seeing things that I wanted to change within my neighbourhood. I was literally born and raised in Lewisham borough, I’ve seen the good, the bad and I’ve decided that I want to grow up and be able to fix the bad.

Interviewer: If you were to become the next Young Mayor, what do you hope to change or achieve?

Rachel: I want to affect the lives of young people like me, who aren’t as fortunate and maybe don’t have as much support as I do. I hope this campaign, whether I win or not, is a voice for them and lets them know that there is someone out there thinking of them.

Interviewer: What do you friends and family think of your campaign?

Rachel: My friends and family are very supportive, especially my friends. They’re really proud that I’ve decided to take a stand!

Interviewer: What do you hope to do after you leave CTK?

Rachel: I’d like to pursue Media at university. My college has been very supportive, I love the media department, I’m there all the time!

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