CTK Careers Conference 

Celebrating Success: Annual Careers Conference 2024

This year marked a remarkable milestone as we successfully organised both the Careers Conference and the Careers Fair on the same day for the first time since the onset of Covid-19. This unique opportunity allowed our students to fully capitalise on the diverse range of speakers and visitors available to them.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the dedicated members of the Careers Team who orchestrated such an exceptional experience for our students. We also extend our gratitude to all staff across teaching and professional services for their immense efforts behind the scenes.

The variety of talks offered, ranging from midwifery to finance, and from UCAS guidance to applying for degree apprenticeships, truly enriched the event and provided invaluable insights for our students. It was inspiring to welcome back former CTK students Daniel and Rianna, who returned with their degree apprenticeship employers, Bailey Garner and Bloomberg respectively. Their presence provided our current students with invaluable role models and tangible pathways to aspire to.

Thank you once again to everyone involved for contributing to the success of the Annual Careers Day.

Young Writers Poetry Competition

A huge congratulations to Esther!

Esther, is a Year 13 English Literature student for entering the This is Me!, Young Writers national poetry competition. Her poem was published in the recent edition of the Young Writers This is me! book.

A Song – Esther

Nature sings me a song

The fountain of water goes bubble babble

The leaves on the trees go filter flutter

Sure, the tree trunks blow the trumpet

But the leaves on the floor go crunch crunch

Stepped on like fallen soldiers in battle

My hand swaying in the water, I feel the rhythm.

Look around and I see the unspoken lyrics

pennies at the bottom of the fountain of untold wishes.

Sit on the green grass

No need for the noisy streets

Or stubborn kids, crying kids

Come here where it’s all part of the song

Ignore the tune is what I wouldn’t do

Come over here. Join me and enjoy the view

Make memories you wouldn’t want to let go off

Trust me it’s the sound of healing

No need for disturbing sirens

Just stay under her loud silence

The healing process of the musical forest

A sound I wish forever to last

And not be disturbed by constructions and buildings

Restore the free peace that everyone can share

And not the hard material that gives us all a glare.

You can find out more about the competition here

Easter Appeal 2024

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Easter Egg Appeal this year!

We’re thrilled to announce that we surpassed our target, raising an incredible 655 eggs for Demelza Hospice and the Society of St Vincent de Paul. Your generosity has made a significant difference in our community

Demelza is a charity that assists families with young members suffering from terminal and very serious illnesses.

SVP is the Society of St Vincent de Paul who help anyone experiencing poverty. They are there for individuals and families, providing resources and opportunities for mutual support.

The appeal ran throughout Lent and encompassed a variety of social action initiated by our students, including donations of chocolate Easter eggs.

Cross-Site Easter Egg Competition: Congratulations to all participants in our Cross-Site Easter Egg Competition! Together, we raised 655 eggs, with St Mary’s contributing 405, Emmanuel 80, and Aquinas 170. Well done to all involved!

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