Evening of Celebration

Staff, students and parents/guardians alike enjoyed a fantastic Evening of Celebration night recently, full of heartwarming speeches, jubilant celebration and overall cheer.

Our Evening of Celebration is a wonderful night where we celebrate and congratulate the learners leaving CTK that year. Certain learners, who have been nominated by our staff, are also selected to win awards which vary from department awards, all the way to Chaplaincy awards.

Below is a list of winners:


Fine Art – Precious

This is for Precious’ outstanding attendance (100%) – dedication and ability to be resourceful, using her initiative to make her work exciting and dynamic.

Graphics – Heritage (Department Winner)

Heritage has a tremendous work ethic – filling his sketchbooks! His output and energy is commendable. His ideas and experimentation – always drive forward his intentions for hard work.

Photography – Emily

Emily has won the Photography award for her taste and hard work, creatively infusing her images with a Gothic sensibility.

Business, ICT and Economics

Business Studies BTEC L3 – Haniel

Haniel is a hardworking, independent and conscientious learner who has produced work to a very high standard. He has completed all coursework to distinction level. He has excellent attendance and punctuality records and is very respectful and helpful to staff and his peers. He is a pleasure to teach and will be greatly missed.

A Level Business – Marielle

Marielle is a great individual to teach and is very well-mannered and respectful. She confidently engages with teachers and peers alike, and a real flair for team working with sensitivity to her fellow students’ needs. She has demonstrated good leadership qualities having taken a lead role in many team-based class activities. In the world of work Marielle will be an excellent role model for other young people. She is focused, determined and fully committed to achieving her goals and she takes advantage of all opportunities offered to her. Her positive outlook, drive and ambition make her an excellent student.

Law – Valerie

Valerie is incredibly determined with ambitions to be a corporate solicitor. She started her sixth form education with a very clear purpose, doing all she could to achieve her aspirational goals. She responds to feedback incredibly well, consistently improving her written assessments, progressing to the highest grades.

ICT – Joseph (Department Winner)

Joseph is an exceptional learner, for the past two years his progress on the ICT course has been impressive. His interest in the subject has developed and he began to blossom attending workshops, completing his work to the highest standard and showing diligence. He has a reserved personality, yet his depth knowledge has enabled him to become an articulate presenter over the past two years.

English and Languages

English Literature – Rama

Over the past two years, Rama has been resolute and committed to developing her written skills whilst studying on the English Literature course. She has used her research skills to excel in the contextual aspect of the course for all components including Shakespearean and post war drama and classic gothic and dystopian prose fiction. She is one of the quieter members of the cohort, but her astute comments and reflections reveal an attentive and conscientious approach. Well done Rama for your dedication to academic excellence. Ambitious and diligent, we are confident that you will excel at university and in your future endeavours!

GCSE English – Suvarnika

Suvarnika is an exceptionally conscientious GCSE English student who has worked hard all year to improve her grade. Her attendance is excellent, and she is committed to following advice in order to develop her skills in reading and writing. She deserves to do well!

French – Nelly (Department Winner)

Nelly is a brilliant and outstanding student who has continued to persevere academically applying herself to the best of her ability at every opportunity. Nelly is a pleasure to teach, always seeking to deepen her knowledge of the French culture; willing to pursue her interests independently. She is a great role model for other students and she is a natural leader. The French Department wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.


Media Studies – Mia-Jane

Mia is an outstanding A-Level Media Studies student whose commitment to her education has been second to none. Polite and conscientious, Mia has built strong relationships with her teachers and is always happy to help support her peers thanks to her excellent organisational and communication skills. Mia’s passion for understanding the power of the media has ensured that she sits at the very top of the Media Studies cohort and it has been a pleasure to be her teacher.

Media BTEC L3 – Thian (Department Winner)

Mia is an outstanding A-Level Media Studies student whose commitment to her education has been second to none. Polite and conscientious, Mia has built strong relationships with her teachers and is always happy to help support her peers thanks to her excellent organisational and communication skills. Mia’s passion for understanding the power of the media has ensured that she sits at the very top of the Media Studies cohort and it has been a pleasure to be her teacher.

Science and Mathematics

Biology – Naomi

Naomi is an independent, methodical and extremely diligent student. She is self-motivated and productive. She is always found working through Past Papers. She is excellent in taking the initiative in her own learning. Naomi always proactively approaches teachers to seek feedback, requesting more past papers! She has a constant drive to improve. I wish her all the best.

Chemistry – Oluwatimileyin

Oluwatimileyin has been an exemplary student from the start of his time at CTK. Balancing his studies well; he has looked to develop both as a student and as a scientist. He has an enquiring mind and has worked hard to get to grips with the more complex areas of the chemistry syllabus. One of the last to leave college on most days, he can be found working through Past Papers or engrossed in a textbook. His tenacity, drive and resilience will serve him well as he moves into Optometry where we wish him well.

Physics – Tony (Department Winner)

Tony has been a consistently good student since the start of year 1. Despite all the challenges of lockdown, he has continued to be a high achieving student. Nothing but A*s have been good enough for Tony. If he does not understand something he will continue to persevere until he finds a solution. He is well respected by his peers and he always makes himself available to help them out with their studies. Tony’s aspirations started with wanting to study architecture, but as he progressed with his studies this changed to civil engineering. He has achieved a conditional offer from Oxford university which was well deserved because of all the extra time he put into preparing for his Physics Aptitude Test. Tony has inspired some of the lower 6 Physics
students who also want to study engineering at Oxford/Cambridge. I have seen that he spends time with them in his study periods in the Physics classroom. I am certain that he will go on to achieve great things. Well done Tony!!!

Applied Science BTEC L3 – Jude

Jude has aimed very high and he has consistently achieved the highest grade possible throughout his course. He has been a methodical and diligent student who is highly self motivated and extremely productive. Jude always completed high quality tasks well before the deadline. He was the first student who completed the course successfully during lockdown securing a high grade months prior to the final course deadline. We wish him all the best for future!

Mathematics – Chief

It was an immense pleasure teaching Chief. He is a student who we believe has religiously followed all CTK GRACES over the last two years. He has shown endless grit and resilience, whether it be completing a small piece of homework or preparing for the big exams. We are proud to say that Chief has constantly endeavoured to pass his A-level Maths exams with flying colours. Chief has always been very respectful to everyone around him. Being aware of potential barriers to success, he made every attempt to overcome these by attending all lessons, completing each assignment to an excellent standard, regularly attending workshops and actively participating in the lessons. When in doubt, Chief shows tenacity by asking for help until he is confident. Chief maintains a calm demeanour with a smile on his face; his self-control is commendable. Chief, we wish you the very best for the future!

GCSE Maths – Hasina

Hasina works well in lessons and attends all of the revision sessions available. Her resilience is admirable and it is great to see her confidence and maths skills improve. She always has a positive attitude and is eager to learn new skills. Hasina deserves every success in the future!!

Humanities and Religious Studies

Politics – Opeyemi

In the course of her studies, Opeyemi has wrestled with Politics and made great efforts to master topics covered. During lockdown months, disappointment followed disappointment but Opeyemi’s tenacity meant she would pick herself up and re-commit to studies time and again. At the outset, Opeyemi was a quiet individual, but she is now someone who discusses with confidence a wide range of political matters with her peers. The journey which commenced at St Mary’s will continue through to university as Pey pursues study at undergraduate level. Well done!

History – Ryan

Ryan has demonstrated incredible fortitude, eagerness and a willingness to engage with the material both critically and analytically. He strives for improvement, is always curious and it’s clear he’s driven by a deep desire to learn and improve himself. A worthy winner, he undoubtedly has been a positive influence in History this year. Congratulations!

Religious Studies – Oscar (Department Winner)

Religious Studies Simply brilliant is all I can say. Oscar has understood, better than anyone else, that attention to detail will look after the big picture. His academic excellence is no mere accident; it’s the combination of talent, curiosity, dedication but above all, knowing that something worth doing
requires work and focus. He is a role model to all of us and it is with my fullest congratulations that he’s this year’s deserved RS winner.

Social Sciences

Health & Social Care BTEC L3 – Precious (Department Winner)

Precious started and continued to be an exceptional student throughout the duration of the course. She is a confident, bright and independent young lady who takes pride in her work, appearance and how she conducts herself throughout sixth form. Precious is a born leader, which is shown both
in the classroom and in her role as an ambassador. She has overcome every obstacle she as faced with ease. Her eagerness to learn, as well as her joyful personality, has made it nothing but a pleasure to teach her over the past year. The department wish her the best in her future endeavours.

Psychology – Alana

Alana has shown herself to be a very hard working and dedicated student of A Level Psychology. Her attendance and punctuality have been excellent throughout her two years at St Mary’s and she always completes the tasks that are set in class to the highest standard. Along with her academic efforts Alana always presents herself in an extremely polite and respectful fashion, she communicates and interacts well with both staff and students and her behaviour is an excellent example to all. It has been a pleasure to teach Alana over the last two years and I wish her well in her future endeavours.

Sociology – Adeola

Adeola’s absolute and unshakeable commitment to her study of Sociology has enabled her to make outstanding progress in this subject. She has developed genuine academic curiosity, linking her ideas through pro-active research to what is happening in the news and the world outside
the classroom. She has engaged in an on-going dialogue with her teachers, often suggesting new angles on topics, sharing her ideas and findings in a way which has enriched the classroom experience of all. Adeola’s superb organisational skills and natural empathy will ensure she becomes a terrific Social Worker and we all wish her the best of luck!


Physical Education – Lucy

Lucy has been a pleasure to teach and thoroughly deserves this award. She is a polite, honest and very likeable, genuine young woman who has demonstrated an incredibly positive attitude towards her studies in Physical Education. Throughout her two years at the college, Lucy has consistently
endeavoured to push herself to reach her full potential. It will be sad to see her leave CTK St Mary’s, but she is now looking forward to the next chapter of her life studying Physiotherapy. There is no doubt that Lucy will continue to thrive; she deserves every success in the future and we wish her all the very best.

Sports and Exercise Science BTEC L3 – Ayo (Department Winner)

Ayo has been an absolute star throughout his time at Christ the King: St Mary’s and demonstrates the true qualities of an exceptional, well-rounded student. Ayo has shown tremendous determination and real passion and enthusiasm towards his studies on the Level 3 BTEC in Sport and Exercise Science; always putting in 100% effort regardless of the task. He has been, without doubt, one of the top students within his cohort and is on track to achieve DDD*. He is a mature young man who is friendly and helpful to others, yet demonstrates a quiet confidence and resilience towards his own work. We wish Ayo all the best for the future!

Sports Teams Colours

Basketball – Francis, Sven, Emmanuel, Theo, Kanye

Netball – Itohan, Bryanna, Andeliyaah, Valerie

Football – Raul, Adrian, Maximus, Ayo, Milique, Ryan, Myles, Yohan, Tadiwa, Emmanuel, Michael, Marcus, Casian, Eniola

A huge congratulations to our young sportsmen and women on achieving CTK Sports Team Colours. The following students have shown real dedication, commitment and hard work in both training and fixtures; going above and beyond to represent CTK St Mary’s in their respective sports. The sports department wish them all the best in their future sporting endeavours!

Sixth Form Awards

Walsingham Head of Hall Award – Ella

Ella has been at the forefront of all college events throughout her time at CTK. She has worked hard, representing Walsingham and the A level cohort as an ambassador, and volunteer. She will be missed, especially when raising funds for charity and on non uniform days where she was an ever present at the front gate collecting money for the college charities. We wish her well for her future.

York Head of Hall Award – Hasina

Hasina has shown resilience and determination throughout her studies here at Christ the King. Hasina is always polite, cheerful and bubbly whenever approached and has a lovely smile that will brighten up anyone’s day. Hasina has made huge academic progress over the last academic year due to her sheer hard work, which has been wonderful to see. I wish Hasina all the best with her future studies and career.

Governance Award – Jasmine

Jasmine has been an exceptional Student Governor. She has represented herself and her fellow students at various forums whenever she has been required to. She has met with Governors and other partners of the Sixth Form, speaking knowledgeably about matters that relate to student experience at Christ the King St Mary’s. She has made us proud and we wish her the very best at University.

Outstanding Contribution to Cross-College Sports Award – Michael

Throughout his time at CTK St Mary’s, Michael has shown great enthusiasm and commitment to the Sport and PE department. Michael has been an ever-present member of the college football team, always demonstrating passion and acting as a role model for his team mates. He has shown a fantastic attitude towards sport at the college and his presence will be greatly missed next year. The department wish him all the best for the future as he moves on to study an Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Kent.

Careers Award – Venu

Venu has worked hard with the Careers Department and other staff to achieve an offer for a Biomedical Science degree at university. He has undertaken considerable research and sought support at appropriate times to ensure that he good decisions relating to his future. We wish him every success at university.

LRC Award – Deborah

Deborah has studied in the LRC till close more than any other student we can remember! She’s an excellent role model. She is always polite and cheerful, and fully deserves this award. Good luck with your future studies and career Deborah.

Aspire Award – Awontemi

Awontemi is always thoughtful and kind. She is also courteous, polite, and happy to help others. We have loved working with Awontemi, she has been an absolute pleasure and will be really missed. Awontemi’s dedication to her course, her willingness to learn, and continuous hard work over the
last three years has meant that she has achieved great results, and this attitude has also had a positive effect on all those around her. On top of this, she has always handed all her work in early or on time and has an amazing attendance record as well. Good luck Awontemi!

Larissa Blaj Award for Dedication to Study – Bisi

Bisi has demonstrated great resilience and tenacity. She has transitioned into a motivated, selfstarter. Bisi continues to shine among her peers as she has become a role model for others in her attitude to learning and determination to achieve. When faced with challenges, instead of giving up, Bisi has persevered in her studies and desire to develop a better understanding. She has grown into an extremely polite, focused young lady who has worked incredibly hard. Bisi is an excellent example of what a CTK student should be and is a credit to the college as well as herself.

The Shine Award In Memory of Steve Narvaez and Andile Mabena – Adeola

Adeola has indeed shone while a student at Christ the King St Mary’s. She has embodied all of the CTK GRACES; Adeola has shown Grit with her incomparable determination to succeed in the face of adversity; Adeola always shows Respect, both for her peers and staff; Adeola is very Aware of the
feelings of others, reaching out to support where she can; Adeola is a fully invested student, this can be seen in her insatiable Curiosity in learning; Adeola always demonstrates tireless Effort in her mission to achieve academic success and finally, Adeola is able to show Self Control in prioritising
her studies, with no prompting from her teachers. She is well deserving of the Shine award as she is a true beacon for the CTK GRACES.

Chaplaincy Award – Mirian

Throughout her time at CTK, Mirian has been a highly involved student, who has brought so much joy and time to the chaplaincy. She’s helped with readings at Mass, she’s participated in Bible study, in debate club, in the Diana award and helped at every charity fundraiser. She has been a true ray of light and love by being herself and constantly shining, she will be greatly missed.

Jack Petchy Award – Amara, Issam, Adeola

This award is given for their contributions in lessons, for the growth and development they have demonstrated during their time at CTK and for being exemplary learners and peers. These students have spent the fund money to benefit others with their education. Donations have been made to other CTK students, enabling them to buy educational items and to prepare for university.

Congratulations to all the winners from tonight, and a huge thank you to everyone who attended!

Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity

We know the importance that wellbeing plays in our everyday life and continue to keep student and staff wellbeing high up on our agenda across CTK. Our staff and student wellbeing groups have met regularly this term and several initiatives continue to be taken forward as we recover from the COVID Pandemic.  

Time to Talk Day was a great National Awareness Day which encouraged individuals to reflect on their own mental wellbeing. At St Mary’s, our Chaplaincy team organised a “coffee and a chat” morning, where staff could discuss topics picked randomly to engage in supportive conversation. Those who took part enjoyed the event.  

Students at St Mary’s have also had the opportunity to take part in Mental Health Wellbeing training which helped increase awareness of key wellbeing issues. The course was very well attended, and students were grateful for the opportunity to learn how to support others within our CTK community.

The EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) committee has also been working tremendously hard and continues to implement their fantastic ideas at CTK. This half-term saw the launch of CTK’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, a policy that is both warmly welcomed and fully endorsed by the CTK community. We were also delighted to welcome Dr Maxine Room CBE to CTK who delivered an outstanding briefing on Protected Characteristics. 

CTK Sixth Forms continues to celebrate their diverse community in many ways including through a number of staff and student led societies and clubs. Our student lead societies meet regularly and our staff and students ensure that Equality and Diversity is embedded and promoted within our curriculum and 10:10 programme. At each site our LGBTQ+ groups meet regularly and are currently celebrating LGBTQ+ history month. 

The sixth form’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee and working groups have also organised sessions for staff and students on unconscious bias, decolonising the curriculum and on the achievement of ancient Africans. 

Miss Amony, Assistant Principal, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion said, “We have an outstanding community at CTK, our staff and students come from such diverse backgrounds, it is important that we celebrate our community.  We continue to raise awareness of all protected characteristics with our staff and students and I am so proud of our communities engagement and commitment to promoting equality and diversity.” 

St Mary’s Wins Bid in Post-16 Capacity Fund

We are delighted to announce that St Mary’s has been successful in our bid to be one of the 39 post-16 institutions to win part of the Post-16 Capacity Fund. We are extremely excited to use these additional funds in the creation of new classrooms and we can’t wait to put our plans into action.

Minister for Skills, Alex Burghart, had this to say on the Post-16 Fund, “Every young person should have the opportunity to gain the skills they need to reach their goals and go on to have successful careers. This investment will boost capacity so we can make sure there is a place for every 16 to 19-year-old, giving them access to the high-quality learning facilities they need to succeed.”

The Post-16 Capacity Fund is also part of the Government’s plan for net zero carbon emissions by the year 2050, as all successful providers are required to show how their projects will contribute to the mission.

We are very grateful to have been awarded this grant and look forward to putting the fund into advancing our teaching and learning environment.

Huge Victory for Football Team

CTK Beats Harris Academy Beckenham 8-0

The football team played fantastically this game; managing to beat Harris Academy Beckenham 8-0 before the final whistle blew.

After the game, we got to speak to Tadiwa Nago for his thoughts on how the game went.

How do you think the game went today?

“The game went very well, we played together as a team [and] managed to get a lot of goals which helps with our goal difference and pushes us up the table in the league.”

What do you love about studying at CTK and playing in the football team?

“Studying at CTK you have a lot of friends around you and we can use that to our advantage on the pitch to build a bond. It shows on the pitch considering the score line, which I believe was 8-0, because of how well we played as a team.”

What do you hope for next week’s game?

“I hope for next week’s game to have a lot of goals, more goals than today! We need to show the same leadership, the same drive and the same motivation and we will continue to win games.”

The result today shows great promise for the CTK football team and we sincerely hope that they continue their winning streak!

Christmas Gift Appeal

Christ the King Sixth Forms has teamed up with the EKC Group in Kent to launch a Christmas Gift Appeal. 

We will be collecting donations of toys or Christmas presents, or donations  to ensure that those in need still get to experience the joy of receiving something special this Christmas.  

Shireen Razey, Principal of Christ the King Sixth Forms says; “Our students are keen to make a difference in the local communities where they live and work, many of which have been effected by the pandemic. Our Sixth Forms do a lot of work supporting charities, and we all wanted to make the festive period special for young people who have experienced such hardship this year”. 

If you would like to donate to the campaign you can donate presents off at CTK St Mary’s in Sidcup, CTK Emmanuel in Lewisham or CTK Aquinas in Brockley.   

Suitable Donations: 

The charities are only able to take new items, sealed in their packaging. The items they can accept are: 

  • Toys 
  • Puzzles 
  • Colouring Books or Puzzle Books 
  • Gift vouchers 
  • Toiletries 
  • Chocolates/biscuits or hot chocolate 

You can also donate money at the fundraising page EKC Group and Christ the King Sixth Forms have set up:  gf.me/u/y8iw73


The charities we are collecting for are: 

Demelza Hospice Care for Children https://www.demelza.org.uk/ 

St Vincent de Paul Society https://www.svp.org.uk/node/606 

Refuge https://www.refuge.org.uk/  

Our gift appeal in the press

You can read the full article at https://www.fenews.co.uk/press-releases/58649-college-couple-team-up-to-make-christmas-special

Coronavirus – Latest Update

Update – 20th March

Following the announcement that education providers will close, apart from to the children of key workers and vulnerable students, the Government has now published its list of Key workers here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision

If you fall into the key worker category, please email us to confirm at enquiries@ctksfc.ac.uk, that you would like your child to attend College.   All the parent’s whose children fall into the vulnerable category were contacted by email yesterday.


Update – 19th March

College Closure 

Christ The King Sixth Forms will be closed from Monday 23rd March to all students, until further notice (apart from key worker’s children and vulnerable students) following the Government’s announcement last night that all schools and colleges will close at this date, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Home/Distance Learning 

  • Students should check their College emails, teachers will be setting and marking classwork. Students have been fully briefed on how to study from home using online systems, Microsoft Teams, Moodle and email. 


  • The Government announced yesterday that examinations will not take place this Summer.  We do not yet know what the Government’s plans for awarding grades will be, students should be encouraged to keep completing work set and submitting all work, please continue to check your email for updates. 

Vulnerable students and Key worker’s children 

  • We aim to remain open in some capacity for Key Worker and vulnerable students. We will be writing to those students separately to inform them of this. 

Bursary Payments 

  • A full payment will be made to all students who receive bursary payments, in the next few days.  We will continue to pay your money directly into your bank accounts, with an additional payment of £4 a day to cover free school meals.  The FSM payment will be made until the Easter holidays in the first instance as we understand a national scheme will be set up and we will update students with the information as soon as we have it. 

Students who have been offered a place for study at Christ the King Sixth Forms in 2020  

  • Please rest assured that this will not affect your application.  Once we know what the Government’s plans for awarding grades, we will update you.  

Students who have applied for a place for study at Christ the King Sixth Forms in 2020  

  • We will continue to process your application as normal.  We are postponing interviews for the present time. As an oversubscribed sixth form, we don’t want you to be disadvantaged by this so we will be making offers based on application and school report/reference.   

Students who wish to apply for a place at Christ the King Sixth Forms in 2020  

  • Applications will remain open, you can apply online or download an application form.  We will be touch once we receive your application. 

Contacting the College 

If you need to contact us during this time, please contact staff on their usual email address. If you have not heard back within 24 hours or the matter is urgent please contact us via  enquiries@ctksfc.ac.uk  

We will continue to keep you updated via email and website announcements on our website, please also keep up to date with Government guidance which is updated daily on www.gov.uk/coronavirus

We keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. 

Update –  18th March 

PARTIAL CLOSURE OF SIXTH FORM for Lower Sixth BTEC Level 3 and Lower Sixth A Level Students 

Following the Government’s recent announcement regarding self-isolation measures, unfortunately staffing levels are at a point where we are unable to teach all students safely onsite.   The health and safety of our students and staff is our number one priority at all times, therefore we will be implementing the following measures: 

From tomorrow, Thursday 19th March, until after the Easter Holidays, Tuesday 21st April, only Year 13 (Upper Sixth students), BTEC Level 1 & 2 students and those sitting GCSE/Level 1 Maths and English should attend lessons onsite. 

All remaining students should stay at home and teachers will be setting and marking work online. It is important that students continue to work hard and keep up to date with their studies. In tutorial yesterday students were fully briefed on how to access their college work from home using Microsoft Teams, Moodle and email. 

The situation is changing daily, we anticipate there will be further developments, parents and staff will continue to be updated via email.  We will continue to post updates on our website.  For further information on Coronavirus, please visit the Government website, which is updated daily. 

Update – 17th March

As you are probably aware, the Government announced new guidance yesterday regarding coronavirus.  We will continue to keep parents/guardians updated via our website but please ensure you are following the Government guidance which is updated daily www.gov.uk/coronavirus

I want to reassure you that Christ the King Sixth Forms are taking all necessary steps to protect our community and are continuing to follow official guidance from the Government and the local authority. We have taken protective measures which includes, asking that external visitors do not visit our sixth forms, postponing work experience, extra curriculum events and all trip and visits.   

Our sixth forms remain open for all students – this is the current official Government guidance.  If your son/daughter is unwell or self-isolating, report this as you would normally by following the absence procedure and telephoning us.  

If your son/daughter has the symptoms below, please keep them away from college.  Latest Government advice on how long they should stay off for can be found by visiting  www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-households-with-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection 

  • A new persistent dry cough 
  • A temperature that is above 37.8 C 

Government guidance now also says that if anyone in your family has these symptoms, the whole family should isolate for 14 days.  

Today in your son/daughter’s tutorial we have outlined the above, as well as given them instructions on distance learning, so that they are able to access their emails and college work from home, should they need to at this present time or near future. 

Current Government advice is that anyone at risk of increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus, needs to follow social distancing measures.  All students with a pre-existing condition that this applied to will be written to today.  If you think this applies to your son/daughter and we aren’t aware of their medical condition, please contact m.nunes@ctksfc.ac.uk 

Update – 16th March

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of students, staff and our sixth form community is of the upmost importance to Christ the King Sixth Forms.  We have therefore decided to implement a range of measures aimed at attempting to protect our community from the transmission of coronavirus. 

We continue to closely follow the Government’s advice and our sixth forms will remain open at this present time. However, we will be taking a number of measures to mitigate against transmission of coronavirus. 

 These will include, but are not limited to: 

  1. We are asking that external visitors do not visit our sixth form.   
  2. Student interviews will be postponed, all students will be contacted with information regarding this. 
  3. We ask that parents do not visit our sixth form.  Any parental meetings will be conducted by telephone.   
  4. We will be cancelling any external activity for students, such as work experience, visits or trips, they might have been planning to take as part of their course.  

Any further updates will continue to be posted on our website.  If you have any questions about these measures, please get in touch, by emailing enquiries@ctksfc.ac.uk  

Further information about Coronavirus can be found by visiting https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response  

Update – 13th March

Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response – Updated 13 March 2020


The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of:

New continuous cough and/or

High temperature

For most people, coronavirus (COVID-19) will be a mild infection

Key messages

If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for 7 days from when your symptoms started. (See ending isolation section below for more information).

Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, each time using soap and water.

Stay away from vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and those with underlying health conditions as much as possible

You do not need to call NHS 111 to go into self-isolation. If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 7 days contact NHS 111 online. If you have No internet access, you should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999

For more information on the above, please visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-stay-at-home-guidance/stay-at-home-guidance-for-people-with-confirmed-or-possible-coronavirus-covid-19-infection

Update – 2nd March

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

Today, the Dfe have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

We know that some of you may have concerns or questions about the current outbreak of Coronavirus – officially known as COVID-19.

We want to reassure you that we are working hard to minimise the risk to our students and staff and are following Government guidelines at all times.

For the latest information and guidance, please see the Government’s website.https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public

For the latest information and guidance, please see the Government’s website.https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public

CTK Alumni Visit

We were delighted to welcome back to Sixth form yesterday evening, CTK alumni, who have studied Medicine or studied at Oxbridge to share their experiences with current Y12 students. The alumni represented a range of careers from junior doctors, to the media to politics.

Mrs Nadori, who organises the annual Alumni Evening, said: “ Our alumni offer great advice to students aspiring to study Medicine or applying to Oxbridge. It is always fascinating to hear how they have progressed in their respective careers.

The Panic Room Experience

Students from both CTK Emmanuel and CTK St Mary’s were taken to an escape room today to help them prepare for their BTEC Business “Developing a marketing campaign” exam.

The students were all expected to use their problem solving skills to break out of themed rooms and really enjoyed the experience. After this, the managing director of The Panic Room delivered a talk and Q&A on how they market their business which served as primary research for the students sitting the exam in January.

The trip was great fun and we wish the students all the best in their January exams!

Maggie Reid – External Speaker Talk

Students at St Mary’s and Emmanuel enjoyed an informative presentation by Maggie Reid, independent Human Resources (HR) contractor, about careers in HR. After graduating in Modern Languages, Maggie worked for charity organisations in Africa.

She has a wealth of experience in HR, having worked for the University of Greenwich implementing large-scale pay review projects and, more recently, as an independent contractor for the professional body, The Law Society.

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Maggie spoke about there being many subjects at Sixth Form and degree level, which can open up a career in HR including English, History, Modern Languages and social sciences like Psychology, Sociology and Business. She emphasised that certain skills were important for the role. Practitioners need to be good communicators with strong interpersonal skills, willing to work in a team and be organised. HR professionals may find themselves in conflict resolution and advocacy roles, which requires confidence and attention to detail. Others may find themselves in a training role, both in-house or externally, or managing corporate change or transformation projects. In essence, there are many different aspects to HR so it is a career offering variety.

In terms of advice, Maggie urged students to take up as many opportunities as possible within and outside their current programme of study, to gain experience and develop transferable skills.

Maggie is also currently supporting the College in a voluntary role as a member of our Partnership Advisory Board.

Urban Synergy

Urban Synergy’s ‘Tips to the Top’ Role Model seminar is one of the highlights of the academic year at Christ the King Sixth Forms. The annual cross-site event, which features panel discussions and speed mentoring sessions, inspires confidence in our students and gives them an opportunity to interact with leading industry professionals.

Discussions of this kind not only broaden student horizons but also provide a valuable insight into the qualities of academic and professional success. The mentoring programmes and inspirational seminars organised by the charity provide support, guidance and encouragement for young people, and motivate them to achieve their best.

This year Christ the King Sixth Forms was fortunate enough to welcome the following guest speakers to the panel:

  • Colin Donaldon, Bristh Airways Pilot
  • Ade Adelekan, Chief Superintendent
  • Troy Von Scheibner – Magician & TV Personality (CTK alumnus)
  • Mahta Mehari, Senior Software Project Manager
  • Adrian Grant, Entertainment Producer

The evening opened with an introductory session, in which the panel discussed their personal journeys and outlined the steps they have taken to get to where they are today. This was followed by an insightful Q&A session, in which students addressed personal questions to members of the panel.

Students, as always, left the event feeling both inspired and motivated about their future potential!

Elevate Mentoring Programme

The Elevate Mentoring Programme was launched this week to CTK students by alumnus Trevor Gomes and his BT colleagues Tom Culley and Radostina Velinova.

The programme was created by Trevor to equip students with the skills and experiences required to enter the world of work and higher education.  Twenty students took part in the launch and the programme will cover topics including: Personal Branding, Networking, Interview skills, Resilience at Work, Mentoring and careers at BT and EE.

As part of the programme students will take part in a number of activities and external visit including a trip to Wembley Stadium and meeting businessman Levi Roots.

Barclays Rise Programme

The Barclays RISE Programme (Revealing the Industry to Secondary Education) was launched this week to CTK students by Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy, Yaa Ofori-Ansah, Adetola Oshin and a number of their Barclays colleagues.

The programme has been running for a number of years and was originally created by former CTK student, Michael Lee, and his colleagues within the Barclays Graduate Scheme. They wanted to provide a platform where they could share their experiences whilst mentoring students who may have limited opportunities and insight into working in professional industries.  

Each student on the programme is assigned a mentor and works with them through a four session programme.  The weekly sessions are split into two parts with the first part being an interactive presentation on the development topic of the week.  The second part is an opportunity for each mentee to have the chance to speak to and work with their mentor individually.

Following the successful completion of the mentoring programme there is also the opportunity for students to gain work experience with Barclays.

CTK Fast Track Programme

Everyone needs to be aware of the career opportunities available to them in the future and how to best take advantage of them. To support this, the October half term saw the launch of the sixth annual CTK Fast Track Programme. As in previous years, the programme involved a large number of students from all three CTK sites coming together at CTK: Emmanuel for two days of training.

The morning session of the first day was led by CTK alumnus Seye Olokede who spoke about his own experiences and how students can “Develop a professional work ethic.” During the talk Seye covered topics including the importance of time keeping, personal presentation and the skills needed to work well and succeed in the modern workplace. During the second part of the first days training, we welcomed Trevor Gomes and Louis Howell who spoke to students about a wide range of opportunities they could become involved in. They also spoke about the use of social media in a professional environment and the benefits of networking through LinkedIn.

The first day concluded with Maria O’Regan along with her colleagues from Santander conducting two workshops “Building and presenting a compelling CV” and “Competency based Interviews”. Working in small groups, students had the opportunity to get advice and guidance on their CVs and how they could develop their interview techniques.

The second days training started with a presentation from Zainab Kwaw-Swanzy and Tola Oshin from Barclays regarding the RISE programme. The rest of the day was run by The Unloc Enterprise Academy and focused on alternative career routes for students; specifically on self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Feedback from students and guests was that the training was hugely beneficial and will have a positive impact on their career aspirations and goals.

Question Time Experience

Christ the King Sixth Forms organised a pre-election ‘Question Time’ experience for students across our three sites on Wednesday 45th December. Candidates from the local constituencies were in attendance to field questions from students ranging from how they are engaging young people in politics, tackling knife crime and mental health issues amongst young people, to housing and of course Brexit. The students asked searching and challenging questions of the party representatives.

The following candidates attended and fielded questions from our audience; CTK Emmanuel – Richard Galloway (Young people’s party), Janet Daby (Labour), Gavin Haran (Conservative), Ade Fatukasi (Lib Dem), Rosamund Addo-Kissi-Debrah (Greens) and Roger Deep (Independent), CTK St Marys – Simone Reynolds (Lib Dem) and David Tingle (Labour), CTK Aquinas – Andrea Carey (Greens), Bobby Dean (Lib Dem) and Adam Abdullah (Labour).  It was an excellent, thoughtful and informative experience for all concerned.

Duro Oye Visit

As part of the External Speaker Programme, Business students at CTK: Emmanuel and Health & Social Care students at St Mary’s enjoyed an engaging presentation by the founder of 2020 Change Foundation, Duro Oye.  2020 Change is a youth empowerment organisation, set up to build the next generation of community, business and political leaders.

Thanks to corporate sponsorship, from the likes of Converse and Nando’s, 2020 Change is able to offer a 6-week programme to young people looking to enhance their employability and transferable skills.  The commitment is 2 evening sessions a week for 6 weeks, after which students “graduate” and are offered ongoing mentoring and support with their next move.  Students who are interested in applying and finding out more can visit the website at: http://www.2020change.org/

Louis Howell

CTK students at Aquinas and St Mary’s were delighted to have Louis Howell, Director of Revolution Hive, talk to them this week about his life and career.

Louis explained to students that as someone who has interests and experience in Marketing, Media, Sports and Youth programmes, he has had to demonstrate a versatile skill set that has helped him to excel at roles in both the commercial and voluntary sectors.

Louis also spoke to students about the different roles he has managed, co-ordinated and delivered in Marketing, whilst also demonstrating a flexible and adaptive approach to everything he does.

Having grown up in Lewisham it is always a pleasure for our students to hear from Louis and he will be back in October to help with the CTK Fast Track Programme.

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