A Level

An A Level in Media can be the starting point to a variety of careers – from journalism to film. As a highly regarded subject it opens doors to a range of career paths including journalism, photography, marketing and advertising, computer gaming or presenting.


Media is a modern, exciting and innovative course that addresses social issues. Your A Level course will combine your theoretical knowledge with your practical skills. You will also be encouraged to challenge and explore the ways in which media texts have been produced, circulated, consumed and interpreted. In addition to this, you will be required to conduct independent research to solidify your learning.

There are three components to your Media A Level; component one is media products, industries and audiences – during which you will learn to analyse media language and representation in relation to advertising, marketing, music videos and newspapers. You will investigate and develop an understanding of media industries and audiences, and how they relate symbiotically. Component two focuses on the above

concepts in greater contextual and theoretical detail, addressing television in the global age, mainstream and alternative magazines, and media in the online age. Component three is a practical coursework production of a cross-media campaign, during which you will explore how the use of media language and representation can be used to target specific audiences.


  • Minimum five GCSEs at grade 9-5
  • English and Maths at minimum grade 5


You will be assessed through two written exams, each worth 35% of your final qualification. The remaining 30% is assessed through the production of practical coursework.

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